News & Blog Highlights
from Approximately Andromeda

After the last couple of years of filming and reshoots, my latest film Remote has hit the festival circuit! We got into the Manchester Lift-Off Film Festival earlier this year, and we are now headed to Dubuque, IA for the Julien Dubuque International Film Festival!

I've been spending more time writing lately, a good companion to the home projects and health stuff taking up some of my focus right now. In addition to some personal writing projects, I'm writing a book (well, a couple of books), developing a TV series pitch, and working on some short film pieces. Yup, I like to keep busy.

It feels great to be back on set after so much time away. It's strange, but even with major changes in the industry, it's like riding a bike...being on set is still being on set. And I love it.

Big news here! I've been cast in a major role in a feature film called Remote. It's an indie thriller and I'm excited about getting started! The director and producer are cool, and I can't wait to meet the cast!

After months of research, design, and writing, I am finally ready to launch my new acting website: This will be my main networking site, containing my resume and headshot, a portfolio gallery, and a bio, as well as a reel and an actor's philosophy statement (still working on those).

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